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Your life experience is a powerful story!  You know what you know!  You have the answer to so many questions, but you can't seem to empty it out of your heart and mind and into your book.  


You feel like:


It'll take a lifetime.

It'll cost a boatload of money.

You'll be judged by what happened to you in your past...even embarrassed.

You feel like there are so many other people with similar stories/systems.

You don't have the time to write a book.


I'm here to tell you that those are all LIES!  


I wrote an international bestselling book in my home office (that I share with my yippie dog) in 2 weeks.  I self published it.  It became an immediate #1 Bestseller on Amazon...the world's largest bookstore.


I'm here to tell you that it doesn't take a lifetime, it doesn't cost a lot of cash, it won't pull you away from your family and responsibilities, no one's story can compare to yours and instead of being judged and embarrassed, you'll utterly change the world.


I'll work closely with you and teach you my proven 3 step proprietary process for writing your book AND securing the coveted "International #1 Bestselling Author" title.  Spoiler's not as hard as everyone is telling you it is!   It's time for you to become the recognized authority in your field and for your personal story of triumph to touch the masses.


It only takes 6 weeks!  


Choose you...invest in you! 

Best Seller Voice Amplifier Signature Book Coaching

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