Our vision is to create a generation of girls that understands what it means to be well polished, and pursue it in every area of their lives.  Remember, polished girls become polished women.

Natasha Tupper

Meet our Founder and Board Chairperson.  Natasha Tupper has a passion for instilling practical values into the lives of girls and women.  Through her work as an internet boutique CEO and Professional Image Consultant, her love to propel women to be the best versions of themselves flourished into what is now a non-profit agency, geared toward helping inner city youths be polished!

Jeanene Henry
VP Volunteer Outreach

Meet our VP of Volunteer Outreach!  Jeanene was our very first volunteer.  She takes her job and our mission seriously.  Her passion for the company has led her to this critical area of work.  She makes sure that people with lots of passion and a little bit of time can capitalize on their need to give back.  

Sarah Meriwether
VP Marketing

Meet our VP of Marketing.  Sarah makes sure that when the girls are ready to live the #PolishedLife, they know just where to come.  She's not only our VP of marketing, but she is also our talent recruiter.  She makes sure that we have the best presenters for our consumers.

Alesha Evans
Community Liason

Meet our Community Liason.  Alesha makes sure that the girls are actively engaged in their commitment to create sustainable community impact, which is a vital part of the Polished Institute experience.  She's our link to community sustainability.

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