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Natasha Tupper

When it comes to showing girls and women how to gain limitless success by boosting their confidence and mastering door-opening etiquette skills and attention-grabbing poise, no one does it better than Natasha Christina Tupper, founder of The Polished Institute.

Known as the “Transformer of Women,” Natasha has turned the idea of “being polished” into a successful strategy that empowers women and girls to unleash their inner confidence and recognize the value they bring to the table, all while encouraging others to do the same.

Having been featured on CBS News, ABC, NBC and FOX, Natasha is a mentor and coach on a mission to teach women and girls how to tap into their power and take their rightful place in “running their world.”

As the host of The Polished Perspective podcast and the author of two best-selling books, she is relentless in her quest to educate females about how being polished and poised can unlock doors that have traditionally been closed for women. And with Natasha’s guidance, everyday women gain the know-how to turn their dreams into a reality as they actualize tremendous success by displaying the polish, poise and grace that makes them stand out unforgettably.

When she’s not teaching poise and etiquette to women-based audiences worldwide, Natasha is teaching her 10-year-old daughter how to shatter glass ceilings and soar above the limits that society sets for women and girls.  She is happily married to Rev. Deidric Tupper, Pastor of the New Faith Temple Church of God in Christ.

Natasha speaks on topics ranging from “the lost art of being a lady” to the life- changing effect of mastering poise, and she has undoubtedly made it her life’s work to empower women to walk in their destiny. Find out more about Natasha and The Polished Institute at

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