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Empower your team!  Known as the “Transformer of Women,” Natasha has turned the idea of “being polished” into a successful strategy that empowers women and girls to unleash their inner confidence and recognize the value they bring to the table, all while encouraging others to do the same.​Having been featured on CBS News, ABC, NBC and FOX, Natasha is a mentor and coach on a mission to teach women and girls how to tap into their power and take their rightful place in “running their world.”The Polished Perspective is an empowering and witty read loaded with actionable steps that the reader can do immediately to boost their confidence, exhibit polish, poise and grace and watch doors of opportunity and success swing open!​As the host of The Polished Perspective podcast and the #1 international bestselling author of three books on the subject matter, she is relentless in her quest to educate females about how being polished and poised can unlock doors that have traditionally been closed for women. And with Natasha’s guidance, everyday women gain the know-how to turn their dreams into a reality as they actualize tremendous success by displaying the polish, poise and grace that makes them stand out unforgettably.​Learn the secrets of the polished perspective and supercharge your life.

*5 Gift Pack* The Polished Perspective Paperback

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