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Want To Be More Polished? Stop Doing These 5 things now!

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

So you're ready to be more polished? Stop doing these 5 things and set yourself on the pathway to polished pronto.

5 Stop praising perceived perfection. Being polished is not about being perfect. Polished is attainable, but perfection simply isn't, nor should it be a goal. The never ending quest for perfection is the murderous antithesis of progress. Don't praise isn't real.


4 Stop comparing yourself to others. We talk about that in Chapter 2 of the book The Polished Woman, written by our founder, Nataha Tupper. Coparison always does more harm than good. Plus, you're incomparable...there's no one that compares to you sis!


3 Stop cutting corners. Good things take time and girl you're a good thing. Achieving the polished look takes time, so don't cut corners. Take the time to implement a beauty routine and prepare your daily wardrobe the evening before. The polished woman is ready at all times.


2 Stop selling yourself short. I'm not sure if you know it or not, but you're a big deal. The quickest and easiest way to thwart your plans of being polished is low self esteem and, low self worth and lack of confidence. Our system helps you to overcome all of these things.


1 Stop waiting. Schedule your virtual etiquette training today. Explore all the possiblities that being a polished woman know you want to.

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1 comentário

'Sharday Nicole
'Sharday Nicole
05 de set. de 2020

#5 and #2 really stood out to me. They actually go hand in hand. Perfection is unattainable and chasing it will lead you down a road to believing that you’re not worth it.

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