Building Social Confidence and Etiquette Skills 

Snatch your confidence back

Be comfortable in your own skin

Say the right things at the right time

Finally step into new opportunities

Find unmatched success

Pull yourself together

Changing lives one woman at a time




We offer virtual etiquette and social graces training for girls and women.  Our training allows our clients to dine with confidence, dress with confidence, speak with confidence and make an impact in their homes and communities.

Core Values


We believe that being polished is about more than how you dine and dress.  Those things are important, but our instruction goes beyond proper etiquette.  Our graduates create sustainable community impact!



We primarily serve girls and women of all ages and backgrounds. Our goal is to create a generation of girls that embrace the polished life. Polished girls make polished women.  For women who may not have had etiquette training, your life is about to drastically change...for the better!



Our vision is to create a generation of girls that understands what it means to be well polished, and pursue it in every area of their lives.  Remember, polished girls become polished women.


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